Behind the Scenes: Photography Scouting

Location scouting for family photography

Like most photographers, I spend a considerable amount of time driving around, searching for new locations for my family photography. I have my tried and true spots for taking families and couples, but love finding new gems.

Time spent scouting for new locations, is time spent away from my family so I tend to drag my husband or my girls with me. Derek and I have spent a few date nights driving around during golden hour and checking out the light; super romantic! They don’t always want to accompany me on my drives, but I have had some great talks with my girls on these drives.

Meet Moo

This particular drive along was with my daughter, Morgan, aka Moo or Miss Moo. My oldest use to be my main scouting buddy, but since she has flown the coop for a year and a half, Morgan has taken her spot. All of my girls love to dress up and “model” for me whenever they get the chance.

I have wanted to do a session at this location for over a year and happen to have a family session coming up this summer; perfect for this location! When I mentioned a drive to this particular spot for the afternoon, Moo jumped at the chance.

The many faces of Morgan

My family is willing to get in the pictures too, so I can check the lighting on my camera. I thought it would be fun to share some of the behind the scenes photos of Morgan during this particular scouting session. Morgan’s friends will be joining me on a photo shoot up here too, this summer so watch out for those images in a future post!

Morgan was instructed to walk as though she was modeling a wedding gown for me. I captured some images of her model-walking and posing! I think she did pretty well with very little experience. Maybe we could work on her facial expressions, haha!

We walked around as our light was going down. I wanted to check out the area and make sure we weren’t missing anymore location gems.

I have the most supportive family and appreciate their willingness to give up their time to tromp around the country with me, scouting new locations. Get in touch with me to have your next session at this gorgeous location!

July 8, 2020

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