Ever dreamed of photos in yards of tulle?

Growing Up

I spent a lot of my childhood dressed up like my favorite princess; dancing and twirling my little heart out! Aurora & Snow White were my inspiration, of course. Picture a curly tow head singing into my make-shift wishing well and run from imaginary dragons.

Do any little girls out-grow this fascination with yards of tulle and twirling? I know my littles were always dressing up to dance around the house and still request photo shoots with me while they drape themselves in tulle.

To be honest, one of my favorite things to photograph is a flowing dress on someone, anyone, young at heart. Lily just happens to be one of those individuals.

Wasatch Mountain-portrait session- light blue tulle skirt
Wasatch Mountains-portrait session-cherry red tulle skirt-evening light

Fulfilling the need

When I see beautiful lighting, I just need to go; with camera in tow. One phone call and Lily, thankfully, was free. Yes, my girls are always ready and willing to dress up, but sometimes you just want to work with new material 🙂 or in other words, a different model.

Lily was mentored to be a professional model in her younger years. She didn’t like the expectations of the models and in the end decided it wasn’t for her. As we were shooting, she apologized for being “rusty”… really? I coached her a little on what I wanted her to do to get some flow out of the dress, but the model face is all Lily! She was perfect for this shoot!

Wasatch Mountains-portrait session-light blue tulle skirt-evening lighting-willow trees

Can we just stop and appreciate that glow? *Sigh*

I always explain to my clients that they will feel silly and weird the first 15-20 minutes, but they can’t mess anything up….it’s true. The best, is when the model starts to feel comfortable enough with me to open up and let their real personality show through. I’m not out to get the perfect “smolder” or model look. I want to see them and their personality AND that’s what I want to capture. I want to see that “little girl” giggling and dancing in her princess dress!

As the sun was setting, we just wandered a little ways off from where we were shooting just to see what we would find, and I kid you not we stepped into a fairy tale spot!

Weber River-portrait session-dusk lighting-light blue tulle skirt- white blouse

To see more images from this shoot, head over to my gallery, here.

May 8, 2020

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