Marcie and Jaden’s Quarantine Wedding

Nothings going to stop their love

I love when couples don’t let trials get in the way of their love for each other! Marcie and Jaden are the perfect example of this.

Marcie happens to be one of my favorite neighbors and I knew she was engaged to Jaden and planning their dream wedding. Then all heck broke loose and Covid 19 entered the picture. Many couples have had to change their plans or cancel all together; loosing all their money.

Knowing every couple had to decide what they were going to do, I reached out to Marcie’s mother. I just wanted to make sure any bride having difficulty with photography on their big day was taken care of. I knew Marcie and Jaden had already booked a photographer so I was just a back up if they needed help. They were hoping their wedding would still be possible in May.

I received a message from Marcie’s mother a few weeks later asking if I was available for a small wedding with immediate family. The couple needed to do things differently than they had planned, but they were going to get married! Unfortunately, their hired photographer was unable to make it on their new date. But you’ve got to document such a special day; especially during these times.

I was honored to be there and they couldn’t have had a better back drop for such an impromptu wedding! They were married in Jaden’s family’s backyard and Marcie’s big brother was able to officiate. Marcie’s dress was gorgeous on her figure.

Congratulations to Marcie & Jaden and their happily ever after! Even though it didn’t happen the way you had planned, you know you can get through anything together as a couple. Much love to you both!

See more of their wedding in my gallery.

April 18, 2020

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