Covid-19 has nothing on this family!

Since I have had little adult interaction the last three weeks, due to Covid-19, you get to experience our family quarantine.

We have spent a ridiculous amount of time together; the kind of time that leads one to stay in the bathroom a little longer than usual! Haha!

Don’t get me wrong people, we have had some wonderful family time since everything extracurricular has been cancelled or postponed. We’ve reconnected with our loved ones and there is more time to reflect on what’s really important, BUT….

I think we are all going just a little stir-crazy! I miss getting out and spending time with amazing families and couples. In fact, I miss going to work and teaching basic nursing skills and CPR. I have to get my camera out on a regular basis; hence the spontaneous photo shoot. I believe we are closer as a family though and a good thing too because we still have another month of this online homeschooling to go.

I’ve learned a few things the last 3 weeks

I eat too much when quarantined

  • My girls and I can eat an OBSCENE amount of cookies; especially Crumbl Cookies. Yikes!
  • We have the worst internet connection and that as been a royal pain when trying to download movies from Netflix or Amazon Prime. Not cool!
  • I have used my kid’s busy schedules as an excuse not to get little projects around the house done. But, now that I have time, they’re still not getting done 🙂

There’s always room for improvements

  • I love reading or listening to LDS General Conference talks, my scriptures (the Book of Mormon is the best) and the 1st volume of Saints.
  • I have learned, that my girls are wicked good at playing card games! Especially the ones that leave you bruised and bloody. One of their favorite games is, I kid you not, Egyptian Ratscrew! Who comes up with these names? If you want to learn how to play it, click on this link.
  • I’m not a big fan of online schooling. To be fair, homeschooling is probably easier when we’re not all stressed out of our minds and under such pressure. We have survived 2 weeks of this and we will survive another 4, but, yeah, not a fan.

We all have learned some things about ourselves and our family members during this unique time. I’d love to hear your funny, touching, sad, poignant and sweet stories. And share any home photos you’ve taken with your family showing what you’ve been doing to pass the time.

Stay safe out there!

April 4, 2020

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