Jaclynn & Kyeron’s Wedding Day

Covid-19 has nothing on these two and their wedding day! Jaclynn and Kyeron were planning on getting married in May, but their plans changed, it seemed, from week to week!

You may remember seeing this great couple in a previous blog post. Kyeron proposed to Jaclynn during a family photo session. One of the best family sessions I have been a part of to date!

Reception venue was booked, wedding dress found, and temple date reserved. And then the corona virus upended everything!

One of the many things I love about this couple is their ability to pick up the pieces and move on! Their motto for this whole event; “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

They definitely had several lemons tossed their way!

Kye and Jaclynn rescheduled for the end of March, the Payson LDS Temple was the location of the sealing, but then all temples across the world were closed. What now? It didn’t make sense to post pone getting married so a new plan was made.

A home wedding was the next best thing! Jaclynn had her dress in time, flowers were beautiful, makeup and hair were perfection and their closest family members could be there.

It was stormy on the day of their wedding, but the cloud cover created an amazing filter for a few pictures afterwards.

Kye and Jaclynn were a dream to work with! We had a blast during their bridal/first-look session. Jaclynn wanted to surprise Kye with a friend dressed as a shark holding Corona beers. They both were willing to make light of this crazy situation and just have fun with their bridals.

I always say this, but I truly believe it; I work with the best couples and families!

April 3, 2020

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