Striking Desert Photography Session

I love living in Utah because there are so many varied options when it comes to backdrops and the desert session is one of my favorites.

With the hysteria going on around the world with just the mention of the corona virus, I have to unplug and get out and do what I love. That means finding beauty in nature and beauty in the people I work with.

Kenzie went to cosmo school with my Erin last year and they have the cutest/sweetest bunch of friends from their year together.

Kenzie heard that I do photography, had seen my work and wanted to do a photo shoot with me. How sweet is she? I think Kenzie is gorgeous and would be a perfect model.

Big, billowy dresses and skirts have become some of my favorite clothing items to photograph. I happened to have a mauve tulle skirt that I thought would look gorgeous in our Utah desert scenery. Antelope Island State Park is stunning in the evening light; as long as you can avoid the biting gnats! Ugh!

I was instructing Kenzie to keep a neutral expression; to give me her model face. She was so cute and had difficulty not smiling or laughing, but we managed to coax out her inner model. The lighting was PERFECT and we captured some stunning images!

We changed Kenzie into a cherry red skirt and a billowing black top as the sun was setting lower in the sky. She just pops off the background!

I truly loved spending time with this beautiful girl and her willingness to try ANYTHING I threw at her. I wish we had had time to capture everything, but I’m POSITIVE you will be seeing her face on this blog again. She is model material for sure!

March 15, 2020

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