Eye-Catching Springtime Family Photos

family of six wearing spring colored palette

The most common questions I am asked for eye catching family photos: “What colors look good or What would be best to wear for Spring time?” Therefore, I want to share some wardrobe tips with you!

I’m itching for warmer weather and spring photo sessions are just around the corner so I’m going to touch on my Spring Color Palettes and how to coordinate your families wardrobe.

Intro to My Springtime Color Palette

Above, I’ve provided color options for you to consider so you feel armed with some options when you go shopping. There are sooo many color options you could choose from! Though you can choose any palette you’d like, I do believe these colors give you beautiful, creamy skin tones and make you pop!

If you notice, in the family picture above, they used colors that you can find on my Spring Neutral Palette: their main colors were versions of #s 4, 2, 9 and 18. Since four strong colors were used in their palette, this allowed for using gray and white to break it up.

Eye Catching Springtime Combos

I’m going to provide a few color combinations for you to consider. So, just putting this out there; I don’t claim to be any kind of fashion designer. I just love putting clothing combinations together, but please, choose colors that your family is comfortable in and recognize that there are some variations in shades. Disclaimer here; I don’t know all the proper names for all the colors so pay attention to what you see; maybe not what I said! Haha!

  • #29, #16, #13 & #30 (mustard yellow, shades of blue and a white or light gray)
  • #14, #19, #9, #8 (ivory, sage, burgundy and mauve)
  • #8, #12, #13, #20 (mauve, pale blue, gray, off white)
  • #17, #28, #11, #30 (yellow, navy blue, gray and white)

Four siblings hugging in spring colored palette
Twin girls hugging mother wearing spring colored palette

3 bonus tips for eye catching family photos

My friend provides a great example of another tip I give my families…

TIP #1 – Pick a dress, top, etc that also includes a lot of the colors in your palette and build the rest of the families wardrobe off of that. For example, one of the twins is wearing a cute romper that has a lot of the colors the family is wearing. She just built the rest of the wardrobe from this one article of clothing and as a result a totally fluid look!

TIP #2 – Do NOT wear neon colors or anything close! Neon is very harsh and the color will reflect in your skin tone resulting in extremely difficult, if not impossible, editing. Instead, choose colors that come directly from nature; like my color palette. Again, promise me you won’t do it!

TIP #3 – I suggest steering clear of graphics on T-shirts while planning your families wardrobe. Graphics can be super distracting. We don’t want to run the risk of your photos ending up on the Awkward Family Photo pages with someones top reading “fart breaker” or worse!!

If you haven’t checked out my post on preparing for large family photos, click HERE. I share a few more tips on how to get your family picture-ready because I want you to feel as ready as possible for your next investment.

If you have been putting off scheduling your next family photo session, contact me HERE. Do you have a family photo fail you’d be willing to share with us? Send it on over! I would love to have examples of what I’m trying to discourage, if you’re willing. I think that would be another great follow-up post! Tell me what you think.

February 27, 2020

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