What’s in MY Handbag?

balck and white picture of leather handbag

So the question is, what’s in my handbag?

I think I’m like every other girl; you have several purses/handbags that you change periodically to suite your style or needs for the time. I may not be like every other girl when it comes to what I have in my purse….and it got me into trouble in the TSA line at the airport!

But first, my current selection of handbags:

As you can see I’m a fan of brown (I know, super boring!!) but I really do like my red leather bag too. Red happens to be my signature color! I really should use it more.

And if you can’t tell, the purse on the far right has actively been my constant companion for some time; I think I’m due for a switch up.

So, what is in my bag? Have you ever played this game at a baby or bridal shower?: There is a list of certain items that a woman might carry in her purse with a number of points attached to each item. As the women look through their purses, they get points for each item they have in said-purse.

Weeeeelll, I have played this game and at the time I was a mother of young little girls and I carried EVERYTHING in my purse! It was a big ol’ bag (okay it was a diaper bag) and let’s just say I won because I had multiples of several items, such as gum, postage stamps, chap stick, band-aids, tampons, bobby pins, keys, you name it I had it; in threes sometimes!

Times have changed and luckily I have been able to downsize a tad! That little bag doesn’t hold as much, but it is still pretty heavy. See if any of this matches what you have in your purse:

  • Two checkbooks: one is from my bank account and one is from Derek’s (because, let’s face it, I hate spending what’s in my account, haha!)
  • My large set of keys; some of the keys I don’t have a clue to what they belong
  • Two packs of gum because my girls use more of it than I do
  • Only one chap stick, but also one lipstick which is a little weird because I don’t really use lipstick. I just like to think I’m that put together!
  • USB drive because…work
  • Obviously my wallet with all my important cards and cash
  • Packet of tissues. Who hasn’t sneezed when you’ve had a really nasty cold and, well, you REALLY need that tissue!
  • Two pens and one highlighter
  • Batteries for my off camera remote; who doesn’t carry that around?
  • Mentos
  • Advil
  • A cheat sheet for when I teach my CPR courses because, why not?
  • I often have a prescription that I’m filling for someone in this crazy household and it happens to be Morgan this time.
  • Then last, but not least, my lovely 9mm micro Kimber. Yes, I am a concealed permit carrier. This one brings me to my TSA experience…

I am smart enough to know that trying to take your gun through airport security is just plain dumb. I know this! So when I am heading out on a trip I typically take a smaller purse and transfer only my necessities to a small wallet to carry around. Who needs all that crap on a trip? And it leaves my gun safely at home. Remember how I said I switch up my purses when it suites me? I was taking a smaller purse on the trip that I hadn’t used in a while and thought I had completely emptied it of anything. Well, at least I thought I had emptied it completely.

So I’m in line, going through security with my family, and my luggage gets tagged. I’m thinking “no big deal, they probably saw something that’s larger than the 3.5 oz they allow. I don’t remember packing any such thing but whatevs” Right? The TSA agent says to me “where would you be keeping a magazine in your purse?” A WHAT?!? It took a second for me to register what he was saying! I had left a FULLY loaded magazine in that purse! I am so lame! They had to call the cops to talk to me. Ummmm, I don’t know about you, but I was shaking so bad at this point!

If you know me, I’m a rule follower; I make sure NOT to pack aerosols, tweezers, liquids measuring over 3.5 oz, jars of mayo or peanut butter (I’ve actually seen these items left off to the side at the Orlando airport )but especially nothing in the weapons category! Thank goodness, I was in SLC airport and my TSA agent was extremely cool. He said “you’d be surprised how often this happens here.” He was gracious enough to let me mail my empty magazine home because he knows how expensive those can be, but he was sorry he had to confiscate my bullets. SO EMBARRASSED!! So let this be a lesson to those concealed carriers out there…CHECK EVERY POCKET! Even if you’ve checked if over before; do it again!!

Okay, I’ve shared what’s in my purse and some of my more embarrassing stories; now it’s your turn. What is the weirdest thing in your purse? And has it gotten you in trouble? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

February 25, 2020

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