Kayla and Evan’s Wedding Day

Meeting Kayla and Evan

Kayla and Evan’s wedding day was full of beautiful emotion and meaning for everyone involved.

I met Kayla first when she moved to Morgan, Utah from Idaho a few years back. She was joining the same clogging studio that my girls have danced with for years; K&C fab five clogging studio. Kayla is a strong and energetic dancer. I love watching their pro team dance! You can tell they LOVE what they do!

kayla in detailed wedding dress by window

Kayla and Evan’s Angel, Rhett

Kayla & Evan met online, as so many do these days. And Kayla has explained to me that her little friend, Rhett, was instrumental in their meeting. My family knows Rhett and his family through church and the clogging community. He was the sweetest little young man, and I speak of him in pass tense because our friend Rhett returned to his heavenly home this last year. He was born with some severe disabilities, 13 years ago, and was unable to verbally speak, but he had a way of touching the hearts of others with his spirit. And that’s just what happened with Kayla. Rhett is her angel and she credits him with sending Evan into her life. After meeting Evan, Kayla remembers having the impression from Rhett “Don’t screw this up”!

Kayla and Evan seal the deal

Kayla & Evan wanted to do their first look at the Bountiful LDS temple and it was just as sweet and tender as a first look can be. Her dress (from latterdaybride) was customized for their winter nuptials and her cute little stature. It was the perfect dress for the perfect day and Evan’s tailored suit just added to the whole ambiance of the day! The bouquet and the boutonniere were crafted by the talented @lauren_oviatt.

LDS Bountiful Temple on sunny day for kayla and evans wedding
kayla and evan wedding day bountiful lds temple
kayla and evan under bountiful temple arches on wedding day
kayla and evan wedding day kiss

These two were sealed for time and eternity in the Bountiful LDS temple. Everyone was outside the entrance to welcome the new Mr & Mrs Dixon after their ceremony. It was wonderful to watch them interact with those who have loved and supported them along their journey. So much joy and energy surrounded this beautiful couple! After all the group photos and last minute pictures, we all moved to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City to continue the celebration.

white wedding day cake on red table cloth in front of brown wall

Kayla and Evan’s wedding party

All of their wedding party watched as Kayla and Evan had their first dance with each other and then Kayla danced with her father and Evan shared a dance with his mother. Evan’s cousin, Katie, sang an original song for them and she did an amazing job. The cake cutting didn’t end up with frosting up any noses; Evan was a true gentleman! The cake was gorgeously made by Glenna Smith.

black and white wedding day exit

Wedding Day Exit

Ribbons and cheers accompanied Evan and Kayla out to their get-away car; which happened to be, get this, a MAZERATI! Sexy, sleek and black! I think all the guys were drooling over this car. Isn’t Evan’s mom the sweetest? She signed them a heart while they were getting ready to drive off. All in all, a perfect day and as always, I’m super grateful for these couples I consider my friends! Congratulations Evan & Kayla!!

February 1, 2020

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