Jaclynn & Kyeron

You have seen this sweet couple before in a previous blog post; Kyeron arranged a surprise proposal during Jaclynn’s family photo session last October! I have to say that was one of the most exciting sessions I have been able to participate in. I LOVED working with the Brooks family and wanted so badly to work with Jaclynn and Kyeron for their wedding and they made my wish come true when they asked me to photograph their wedding experience!

I met Jaclynn and her family when they moved to Morgan a few years back. We had a church community Christmas dinner and there were extra seats at our table and Jaclynn and her parents, Heather & Karey, joined us. Jaclynn was in school at the time for her accounting degree. Super impressive, if I’m being honest. I also discovered that we had church friends in common from Herriman, Utah!

We were discussing when to schedule their engagement session, and I hope Kyeron doesn’t hate me for spilling the beans, but I thought it was hilarious. Jaclynn wanted to schedule the session no sooner than two weeks from the day we spoke due to Kyeron having mistakenly shaven off too much of his beard. Jaclynn wanted to give him time to grow it back. As you can see from this sweet couples pictures, we did indeed give Kye enough time to grow his facial hair!

Kye was up for ANYTHING! He wanted to not only give Jaclynn a piggyback ride but wanted to get her up on his shoulders. I left that one up to her, but that idea was quickly squashed. I failed to let Kye know that he was expected to get some exercise during this session.

We’ve had snow just about every week this winter making it difficult to schedule sessions in between snow storms. We lucked out with this session at Jordanelle Reservoir. The lighting was dreamy and the temperatures were above freezing. No heavy coats or mittens needed to be pulled out to keep our couple warm. It ended up being the perfect afternoon for an engagement session. I can’t wait for Jaclynn’s bridals!

January 31, 2020

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