Proven Tips on What to Wear (large families edition)

 Photo Credit: Dan Page Photography Photo Credit: Dan Page Photography

My hope with this post is to help you feel more confident in preparing for your photo sessions. The photo above was taken of my family this last fall and shows the color palette I wanted to go with. I really love the brown, blue and gray colors together!

I wanted to touch on the large family photo sessions, this time, and how you can prepare your clothing for this potentially stressful event! So here goes!

* TIP #1 – As a family, choose 2-3 coordinating colors for the family to wear. Try to stick to two colors and a neutral. Blue, mustard yellow, and white or rose, blue and gray are some examples. The colors don’t have to be the same shade. Just let everyone choose for their skin tone and hair color. Not everyone will look good or feel comfortable in the same thing. We don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable. It will show on their face in the pictures.

*TIP #2 – Each family should coordinate separately from other families. Start with the person that will be the most difficult to dress. Maybe mom needs a little more time to find something she loves and feels good in.   Then work out from their outfit to the least difficult person to dress. Dress everyone in the family to their personality and taste, AGAIN, so everyone feels comfortable for pictures.

*TIP #3 – I have mentioned foot wear before, but it needs to be re-emphasized because what’s on your feet matters! Down to the socks you wear because they will most likely make their way into your pictures at some point.

*TIP #4 – As a large group, try not to be too matchy. Small children can sometimes get away with this, but adults should not fall into this dress style. If you don’t want the store employee photos, avoid everyone wearing khakis and the same colored tops.

I will continue to share more tips throughout my blog posts so make sure to stay tuned!


December 28, 2019

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