Playing Snow Princess

What do you do when you’ve scheduled for a family photo session and the family has to reschedule due to time conflicts? Well, you take that time you had set aside and you do a photo session you’ve been dying to do!

I purchased these beautiful tulle skirts forever ago, but it never felt like the right time to do a shoot with them….until last weekend! My oldest also happened to be available to model for me, so we took the pale blue and the black skirts and headed off to East Canyon Reservoir.

We had a blizzard the weekend before, which had dumped a LOT of snow. Another storm was scheduled for this day, but instead we had a little warm up and the temperatures were perfect for being outside! Any parking around the reservoir was going to be covered in snow so I was a little worried about getting stuck, but we pressed our luck and went for it. Our first location, Erin donned the blue skirt and our faux fur shawl. It was pretty muddy due to the melting snow and we did make a mess of the bottom of her skirt but I would say it was worth it!

Our second location at the reservoir was all snow and just at the right time of day as that sun was sinking behind the mountains. Calm ripples in the water, snow on the ground and that golden sunset just created a fairy tale look to our photo session. The whole time, Erin kept saying she felt like a princess & “I never want to take this off” while prancing around (as much as one can in a large tulle skirt) It took some convincing to get Erin out of the black tulle and I had to promise we’d do this again soon before she let me take her home. Oh and we did have a bit of a scare as we started to spin wheels getting out of the snow. Luckily, just putting the Expedition into reverse and gunning it, got us back on dry roads. Phew! I now look forward to the next snow fall; I’ve got so many ideas in my head I want to capture!

December 10, 2019

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