Magic of Personal Wedding Day Details

The truth of the story lies in the details”-Paul Auster

Importance of Personal Wedding Day Details

Planning one of the most important days of your life will most likely lead to the retelling of story, after story of your life. From the day you were born to the moment you placed that ring on your finger. Your family and friends will help you reminisce about all that has been important and memorable to you AND to them! The wedding day should be about the two of you and the start of a new family, so don’t forget to include wedding day details that make you, well….. YOU! Your fiance has lived a life before meeting you as well and they need to be represented too!

Make Details Memorable

The details you choose to include in your wedding and reception make that day more memorable and meaningful. It can be something as big as a love for horses or Harley-Davidson motorcycles that play a large role in your planning. Or it can be something as small as a special piece of jewelry that your grandmother passed down to you that you wear through the day. Whatever it may be, make your details uniquely you and have fun with it! From a photographers stand point, personal details are what make the wedding day! Your details enrich your photo gallery and it’s so enjoyable to capture those items that make you happy and have personal meaning. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…..

  1. A great example of incorporating something small into your wedding via the bouquet: these precious little bees were created for the bride’s bouquet and for the grooms boutonniere because the bride grew up with a nickname that had B in it!

    Shake Up the Traditional Guest Book

  2. You don’t have to use the same old guest books that only have a line to sign their name. Mix it up with a photo bus! You may have seen one of these at a recent wedding, but they are super fun. Your guests can use their favorite dress ups (that are provided) and take some fun, goofy Polaroids. They put one in your book and write you well wishes and then take one home for their keepsake! has been to a few weddings I’ve attended and we had a lot of fun with them!

 photo credit: bailarinaspedgables

photo credit: bailarinaspedgables

Personalize Your Footwear

3. Wear what makes you comfortable and tells something about you; especially when it comes to foot wear! I’ve seen brides wear the always comfy Converse, bright blue flip flops with flower details and the ever popular cowgirl boots. Footwear often gets overlooked and can speak volumes about someones personality!

Your Taste in Florals

4. Bridal bouquets will vary greatly from wedding to wedding. There are just as many bouquet types as their are brides. As mentioned above, this is any easy way to bring out your personality and little details that speak volumes about you! You can go as simple as you want, to DIY crepe-paper flowers in your bouquet! Your color palette and the items you use for your creation will vary greatly depending on the time of year you chose to get married. If your guy isn’t crazy about wearing flowers, get creative with a pin that goes with your wedding theme. If your getting married on the beach consider a starfish or shell. Have fun with it!

Music and Memories

5. Music creates memories and evokes feelings that will last a lot longer than anything visual. If you are someone who has musically inclined friends or family, approach them about writing a song or creating an arrangement of a song that has meaning to you. If you’re lucky enough to know a whole orchestra, invite them to play at your wedding!

DIY Details

6. Love, LOVE, Love when my couples get creative with their DIY! Whether it be with their vows, wedding rings, engravings…etc. I get so excited to document these little gems! It’s usually the brides that Pinterest these treasures and plan ahead, but the guys can get into the DIY game too. Write on the bottom of her shoe, before she gets ready, telling her how much she means to you and what your looking forward to in your new life together. That will create all the feels! This bride wanted to hide a sweet message to her groom on the inside of his tie with a hand stitched heart with their wedding date. To see more from this fabulous DIY bride, click HERE.

Personal Tastes

7. Guests remember what they eat, especially if it’s unique to you as a couple. These lunch box meals by were delish! Nothing like a churro brownie bar for dessert! Who’d have thought to “brown bag” your luncheon?? You can also make a personal statement with your elegant setting and candle light dinner.

Share Your Creativity

What will you amazingly creative people be doing for your wedding? What ideas did you take and make your own, or did you take something traditional and give it a twist? I’d love to hear from you and what you planned for your unforgettable day. What ever it is, I’m sure it will be amazing and uniquely you, which is just how it should be!

November 27, 2019

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