Baron Family

Who says you can’t get great family pictures after the fall colors have faded? I think we have debunked that idea! I love working with the Baron family and I’m super grateful they continue to trust me to take their family pictures.

I’ve known the Baron family since our little girls were 3 years old, dancing with the same clogging studio, K&C Fab Five Clogging. Those two little girls were so cute, but as you can see Maisie has grown up to be beautiful young woman. Janette and I have been through a lot with these girls; waiting for them through long practices, pulling hair up into buns and braids, traveling long distances together for tournaments, putting makeup on two wiggly kids, the list goes on! I’m grateful to have had Janette as a friend through the last 7-8 years as we cheer these two girls of ours on to bigger and better things!

The Baron family has something my family, unfortunately, does not have; Boys! I love to see the dynamics that brothers/sons bring to a family and these three young men are great examples of how fun it can be to have a family of boys. These siblings treat each other the way any other family of kids treat each other. They tease, call each other names, but they also show great affection towards each other. I’ve always wanted a son! The idea of having that mother/son relationship is so appealing and I get all the feels when I see these family relationships evident during sessions.

Family photography sessions are some of my favorite sessions to do and I will always have a special place in my heart for all the families who entrust me with their photography!

November 9, 2019

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