Kayla & Evan

How can you look at this picture and not just love these two? I tell you, it can’t be done! I met Kayla through church and clogging; my youngest daughter dances with the same studio that Kayla joined over a year ago. Kayla is very dedicated to her dance ,especially since she has physical limitations that cause her pain when she dances. And this fireball of a woman also runs! She amazes me with all of her energy. Kayla has led a full life, at times a difficult one, but I’m so grateful her path has led her here.

Evan and Kayla met online, just like so many people do these days. Evan and Kayla were just the cutest couple during their engagement session. They were willing to do just about anything I asked of them; despite the fact that Evan has had several knee injuries. Dirt bike racing has been a major part of Evan’s life until recently when he sold his motorcycle; not being sure yet how he feels about it. I’m always impressed when someone can make the call to close a certain chapter in their life, feeling it would be best for their future.

I want a pair of pants just like Kayla’s after this session! Their colors were perfect for the fall background and the both of them just as fun and lovable as they look. I can’t wait for Kayla’s bridals and their wedding in February.

October 16, 2019

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