Genna & Eric’s Big Day

This was such a special day to be a part of because these two amazing individuals started a family! I said it before in a previous post, that Genna is my cousin and I’ve watched her grow up into an amazing lady. When she found Eric, I think we all knew from the start that this was the one Genna was waiting for. Eric & Genna share a lot of the same traits; both kind in deed and generous in their praise and attention to each other.

We started their day meeting at Genna’s condo to get detail shots and getting-ready pictures. Genna has some incredible friends who traveled to do her hair and makeup, waking up super early to be there for her.

All the little details had meaning to the couple; the pearls, the honey bees on the bouquet and boutonniere, the lunch boxes (@marvellouscatering)….all these little treasures strategically placed throughout the day! I wish I had had that much foresight to include such things in my own wedding.

We were able to grab a few moments for intimate photos before their reception started and hopefully Eric & Genna were able to catch their breath here. They had been going at break neck speed up to this point. Once things got rolling, there were so many there to greet and congratulate the couple. The delicious and equally beautiful cake was made by Rylie Lansford @bakedbyrylie.

Bubbles were handed out to those waiting to send the couple off on their honeymoon and this bubble send off was so much fun! I love the look on Genna’s face; one of pure joy! I was honored to have this opportunity to spend all day with this couple on what is sure to be one of their most memorable days ever! Thank you Eric & Genevieve.

September 17, 2019

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