Kitten Love

I have a soft spot in my heart for all baby animals, but I have a super special soft spot for fuzzy little fluff balls like kittens. There is NOTHING like a tiny kitten to cuddle and play with! Maybe I was going through baby withdraw or having a cuddle crisis but I decided to get a kitten last year for my own selfish reasons and just informed Derek that that’s what I was doing. I brought home a little calico I named Beans, but she didn’t last long. We live on a busy road in a rural community….and she didn’t make it across the street one day. So sad. Fast forward a month; I wanted more fluff balls to love and made the decision to foster kittens (yes, it’s an actual thing people do) There’s been a real problem with people not getting their cats fixed and there are so many sick and starving kittens….anyway I digress and will get off my soapbox. I found someone who works with kitten rescue and there happened to be 3 kittens that needed a home or they would probably have to be taken to the shelter and put down. I jumped at the offer to take them in. The momma had been put down by the people who found them (another sad story) but we saved the three. They just were big enough to fit in our hands! My girls were over the moon with the arrival of these kittens. I got a call the next day that a 4th had been found from that litter and we took her in too! Three girls and one boy! The perfect little cuddle bugs!

We named the three black kittens Mickey, Minnie, and Sky (just look at all those blue eyes). Our multi colored tabby is Taz because she didn’t like to be contained in her cage and would climb the walls meowing to be let out. Reminded me of the Tasmanian Devil; hence her name. These four little babies were masters at worming their way into our hearts. Lots of love went into taking care of and training them so it was sad to see our three black babies go to new homes. We have been loving our Taz even more since she is the only one left and we have decided to adopt her and make her permanently ours! She’s snuggled up to my leg even as I type this out and I couldn’t be more content.

August 11, 2019

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