Wakefield’s Extended Family Session

I have only the best things to say about the Wakefield family. And it may have a little to do with my cousin, Alison, who was lovingly adopted into Todd’s family when they were married. Alison and I have been close cousins since the time we were young. We were the kind of cousins that would spend a whole week during the summer at one another’s houses. We had a blast entertaining ourselves and our sisters with the movies we would create and the lip syncing we would perform. We would all go on walks to the store to buy candy, soda, etc. As we got older our trips to each others homes turned into staying with our Grandmother in Springville Utah so we could attend Education Week at Brigham Young University during the summer. I will never forget the classes we attended, the dancing, the goofing off we did in between classes and just the over all enjoyment of the week. I do miss cousin get together’s and wish life still allowed time for us to all reconnect, but I got a brief afternoon to reconnect with Alison while we took photos of her extended family. There can be frustrations and difficulty trying to get everyone on the same page for extended family pictures but the Wakefields made it happen. I always take pleasure in reconnecting with Todd’s mother and sister; two very sweet and caring individuals. Everyone made this experience go by a lot faster than I had allotted time for. We were able to get everyone in and out and back home because the heat was a little intense, even in the late afternoon. The best news that I learned was that the Wakefields were celebrating their 50th anniversary this year!! That is a great accomplishment and I was so happy to document that moment for them. I love seeing the tenderness between couples; not matter their age! Those would be marriage goals right there!

50 years young and in love! Congratulations to the Wakefield family. You lead an amazing legacy!

August 6, 2019

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