Eric & Genna

I was so excited when Genna contacted me to be a part of their “whirl-wind romance” as she put it. Miss Genna is one of my many extraordinary cousins and I love her to pieces! Another interesting tidbit is that Genna stayed with me and my growing family for 6 weeks over 11 years ago, as a nanny. My husband and I were getting ready to introduce our 4th girl (yes we have 4 GIRLS!!) to the family and he was planning on having another surgery to fuse vertebrae in his neck. We needed help and thankfully Genna was available! I already knew my girls would love her and I could totally relax knowing they were safe and in good hands. She had made it so nice for me, that when it came time for Genna to leave for great and bigger things, I actually thought “how am I going to do this?? How can I go from 3 littles to 4 without Genna’s help??” I was a tad panicky, let’s just be real for a sec. There were a few tears, mostly mine, but my children have grown and no one died so I think we’ve been successful. And now Genna found a great guy in Eric and will be starting the next chapter in her life! I couldn’t be happier for both of them and Genna, if you need a sitter, well, I have 4 girls who have learned from the best!

July 22, 2019

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