Bret, Ashley & girls

This sweet family happens to belong to me! Bret & Ashley are my in-laws and their sweet little girls are my nieces. Trying to capture these two little monkeys in portrait, reminded me of when my girls were the littles in front of the camera. Not wanting to sit still, trying to figure out what Mom & Dad mean when they ask for “pretty smiles”, and constantly throwing fruit snacks or smarties in their general direction. Their two year old was constantly on the go and did give me a challenge, that I accepted with pleasure! My girls are always willing to be my second hand when I go out on a shoot. So I had my 15 year old come along to help wrangle kiddos because she’s my own personal toddler whisperer! I highly recommend any photographer who works with toddlers to get yourself one. Or if you just have toddlers in general, boy, they come in handy! We did a lot of jumping, twirling in pretty dresses and running back and forth between Mom and Dad and the camera. Thank you Bret & Ashley for giving me another adorable challenge!

April 27, 2019

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