Apedaile Family

There is only one little kiddo in this family and she is sure lucky! She has an amazing amount of love from a family I consider to be one of the great ones. Not only do they have some good looking kids, but they are kind to boot! Allison also happens to be a fellow RN. She frequently goes down to Guatemala on humanitarian trips to assist in the operating room serving the families who need their expertise. She is one smart cookie too. If you’ve had the opportunity to listen to Allison teach (I have been one of those lucky individuals on many occasions) you know what I’m talking about. Dick has a passion for family history and if you needed help or had a question on anything, he is the man to ask. I had Dick take a look at my laptop; it was having some issues and when he returned it, not only did it run much better, but he had family history links on my favorites page! Talk about service!

Fall foliage and grasses are some of my favorite landscapes and backdrops to use in photography. This was such a fun shoot!

September 9, 2018

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